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Pere Renom

“We have given you, O Adam, no visage proper to yourself, nor endowment properly your own, in order that whatever place, whatever form, whatever gifts you may, with premeditation, select, these same you may have and possess through your own judgement and decision […] We have made you a creature neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal as the free and proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer.”
Oration on the Dignity of Man – Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Insects that give us wings

published on 23.10.2019

Although insects generally produce rejection and we associate them with annoying or harmful bugs, they are really fundamental animals for the planet since they pollinate most flowers (including our crops), eliminate manure and corpses, they are key in many trophic chains and could even serve as food.
The following spoke: Jorge Mederos and Gloria Masó, from the Museum of Natural Sciences in Barcelona, David A. Martin from the Institute of Evolutionary Biology, UPF-CSIC, Jordi Díaz-Marcos, microscopist and science popularizer, CCIT-UB, Jordi Bosch, insect ecologist, CREAF, Eduard Vives, entomologist and Silvia de Lamo of the Higher Technical School of Chemical Engineering, URV.

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