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Pere Renom

“We have given you, O Adam, no visage proper to yourself, nor endowment properly your own, in order that whatever place, whatever form, whatever gifts you may, with premeditation, select, these same you may have and possess through your own judgement and decision […] We have made you a creature neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal as the free and proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer.”
Oration on the Dignity of Man – Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Novo Nordisk Media Prize for the report “Diabetes: When the sweet turns bitter”

published on 9.09.2008

Quèquicom’s chapter “Diabetes: When the sweet turns bitter” by Pere Renom and Cari Pardo, has won the third edition of the Novo Nordisk Media Prize nationally and internationally. This award is given for the best article or television program that deals with diabetes in general.
The award, worth 12,000 euros, with the support of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), and is a tribute to journalists who through their efforts have helped increase public awareness about diabetes. The prize has been awarded annually since 2003 and is one of many global initiatives of Novo Nordisk, in its effort to develop an active role in the fight against diabetes.

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