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“We have given you, O Adam, no visage proper to yourself, nor endowment properly your own, in order that whatever place, whatever form, whatever gifts you may, with premeditation, select, these same you may have and possess through your own judgement and decision […] We have made you a creature neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal as the free and proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer.”
Oration on the Dignity of Man – Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Rubik’s Cube Mathematics

published on 12.02.2020

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the most popular toys in history. Since its launch in the 1980s, more than 400 million units have been sold worldwide. It was invented in 1974 by the professor at the Budapest Academy of Applied Arts and Design Ernö Rubik to explain structural engineering to students. Today, it is still very useful for explaining mathematics. For example, by combining it can be calculated that it has 43 trillion 252,003 trillion 274,489 million 856,000 permutations. Geometrically it is also interesting since it is one of the only 5 regular polyhedra, along with the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the dodecahedron and the icosahedron. Its 4-dimensional equivalent is the hypercube or Tesseract, a figure impossible to fully represent. And despite the difficulty, some have been able to develop an application for the Rubik 3x3x3x3 hypercube. A very complex puzzle with 17,000 sextillions (1.7 x 10^40) of permutations. According to an official record, there are only 404 people in the world who have managed to solve it. To understand the world of Rubik you cannot be a squared person.

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