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Pere Renom

“We have given you, O Adam, no visage proper to yourself, nor endowment properly your own, in order that whatever place, whatever form, whatever gifts you may, with premeditation, select, these same you may have and possess through your own judgement and decision […] We have made you a creature neither of heaven nor of earth, neither mortal nor immortal as the free and proud shaper of your own being, fashion yourself in the form you may prefer.”

Giovanni Pico della Mirandola

Story of a sausage

published on 19.10.2011

The sausage is a meat product of high nutritional value and long tradition in our country. Indeed Vic can be considered the world capital of this sausage. But the whole process of development takes place in Vic? In Quèquicom we will reconstruct the complete story of a sausage. Based on the traceability of the labels we follow the trail of a sausage through the dryer where it cured, the factory where was stuffed, the slaughterhouse where the pig was sacrificed, the farm where it grew fat, the sow that bore it and the male who fathered by artificial insemination. Not forgetting the problems and treatment of manure and management of pigs in extensive, with acorns. A journey of several hundred kilometers across different regions of Catalonia that ends within a sandwich.

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